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Cloud Solutions Associates (CS-Associates) was formed to bring together information and systems professionals to work collectively and independently as project managers to facilitate the migration to Cloud Computing concepts.

Cloud Solutions offers services ranging from specific IT strategy, planning, development, and implementation capabilities to broader organizational transformation support. In addition to converting traditional services to make them “cloud ready”.

We are already helping clients conduct readiness assessments and diagnostic evaluations based on a data-driven approach.

Our IT strategic planning is ready to assist in uncovering the key considerations and important factors that aid the migration to the cloud or hybrid computing concepts.

ICT Infrastructure Assessment

We assess your business and help determine if the cloud concept is right for your organisation and that it fits the company’s business strategy. Some benefits of Cloud Computing are flexibility, scalability, ease of deployment and cost efficiencies to your organization. The business value of SaaS comes from its economy of scale and its ability to give many smaller clients the infrastructure, specialized skills and service levels few companies can afford when compared to on-premise solutions.


Cloud Solutions project engagement maintain the following key steps:

Gather information on the business & IT Strategy
Determine if it supports the business strategy
Together identify the best solution
Manage and execute the plan
Continuous improvement and feedback

Support and

Our service offers post implementation support to enable the client to focus on their business strategy. We show you how to use the technology tools to maximise your investment.
It does not end there, we manage your services as demand changes and provide reporting on your cloud service and storage solutions.
We help you with your business continuity plan and testing to ensure it is functional.

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IM Project

Using existing cloud based solutions we are instrumental in bringing about a system to improve communication between pharmacies and health providers. The concept is currently in the advanced "proof of concept" phase. The project has potential for a wider audience in New Zealand. August 2011 - GPs at health care practices prove the concept valuable.

For more information contact
Project technical lead.

Cloud DR Project

Cloud Solutions is engaged with implementing a disaster recovery plan for organisations who are concerned about the possibility of not been able to access their network resources in a time of need. Our Auckland based IBM data center offers the solution for safe offsite storage. Using our tested recovery tools we are able to restore data remotely.

For more information contact
Project technical lead.

Mobile Project

Currently working on a small entity seeking to harness the power and flexibility of SaaS. This concept holds many advantages and peace of mind particularly for start-up businesses who wish to budget on expected and known costs. We have offered all business services to be cloud based.

For more information contact
Project technical lead.

Cloud Project Reduces Cost

Cloud Solutions introduced a cloud alternative to a Stratford based SMB. This resulted in reduced employee overtime costs. The significant cost savings for the organisation has also lead to an improvement in employee work-life balance. What value do you place on that?

For more information contact
Project technical lead.

Cloud Solutions Sponsors services for Geriatric Care

Cloud Solutions undertook a project to automate services for a business supporting geriatric care. The solution was cost effective and resulted in no interruption to business as usual (BAU), a pleasing result.

For more information contact
Project technical lead.

Accountants incorporate Cloud services

Some Taranaki accountants now include cloud based systems to add flexiblity to their infrastructure and services.

For more information contact
Project technical lead.

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Service Detail

Cloud Solutions Limited is about making technology work for you. We encourage your ICT to support your business strategy to achieve the company goals - your way. Our solutions and project management will support business by provisioning flexible computing solutions. We recommend the application of our key steps to the cloud.

Key Steps to Transition to the Cloud

Read More... This process is essential to the implementation of the cloud concept in your organisation. It is about your business, its security and identifying constraints that may impact operations and the alignment with the business’ mission.

Cloud solutions have certain benefits over conventional network systems some of which are flexibility, scalability, ease of deployment and cost efficiencies. These are often items of interest in business operations today. The ICT landscape is constantly changing and being able to sit down with people who routinely look at new systems, and the most efficient ways of doing things, is invaluable.

The use of tablet and mobile devices to maintain a pulse on your organisation has become increasingly popular.

Some advantages are shown here or contact us today to find out more.

Why Cloud Computing?



Document Management, Financial and Sharepoint Services.

Our Partners

Empower us to offer SaaS (software as a service) solutions.

We also offer DaaS (desktop as a service) solutions. Although the DaaS method is becoming obsolete there are some applications in business where this solution provides a desirable outcome.

Cloud Back-up

Storage and Disaster recovery.

Project managers

North Island Representative - Michael Herman

Tertiary qualified systems engineer and business person with 20 years’ experience in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry. Have set IT standards and procedures in organizations located in New Zealand and overseas.

Enjoys aligning technology with business resulting in a favorable outcome for organizations in New Zealand.

South Island Representative - Stephan Peters

We are seeking associates across New Zealand to build a group of professional business consultants and project managers. Contact Michael with your expression of interest or email.


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North Island Representatives - Michael Herman
South Island Representative - Stephan Peters

Contact Michael with your expression of interest.


Why Cloud Computing?

Cloud simplifies your business life by allowing you to focus on your business and not the technology. This has the potential to increase business performance while saving costs on IT consultants, eliminating or reducing in-house servers.

Access your data and applications from anywhere. This means you can deliver accurate and timely information taking telecommuting to a new level.

Cloud offers powerful software which could be uneconomical to run locally within the organisation. It also allows on demand rapid deployment and reduction of applications and services.

Key to business continuity are backups and access to data when systems fail. The cloud concept takes care of these requirements.

Security a point of debate however cloud providers and data centres typically have more complex and secure measures in place than in-house deployments.

Finally a cloud computing solution is more environment friendly by reducing your server footprint and power consumption.

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Cloud Computing

as Top Technology Priority for CIOs in 2011.
Gartner Survey results show Business Leaders Looking for IT to Drive Revenue Growth.

Internet Standards

deliver Mobile Revolution?
May 2011 - As the Web experience evolves—Smart phones may soon live up to their name in business.

Cloud Pros & Cons


Cloud Pros & Cons

Cloud applications and data are based on the "Internet". Essentially if your device or the location where you are operating from has no Internet connectivity you will find it very difficult to access any of your company data and applications based on the cloud.

Table of Pros and Cons


Secondly your business will be dependent on the vendor. What availability does the vendor adhere to and what software is there that best fits the business needs.
Customers ask, "What specifically will we need to look for in a cloud provider"? There are many things to consider here but a quick guide from a customer perspective is to determine the quality of the vendor's Data Centre and what scale or type of customers do they host. This is like asking yourself in what neighbourhood would you like to live in? If government and international businesses are hosted by the cloud provider it is most likely they have met high security standards and expectations.

Thirdly your business has no control over the software as a service (SaaS) features and the upgrades that may take place. Here are

Three essential elements

that should constitute any turnkey private and/or hybrid cloud solution Read more...

Dedicated data

connections to your cloud data center are more reliable in performance than public networks but are also more costly

It is important

that your vendor understands your business and offers high availability - We can help you with this.

Most vendors

listen carefully to the needs and wants of their customers and build in features to meet business requirements without compromising systems.

Support and Partnerships

Cloud Solutions recognizes essential partnerships with customers and vendors.
We list a few:

- Unlock the potential in small business

- IT Support, networking and Consultation

- Group of business and technology associates

- Business and accounting software specialists

- Business and accounting software specialists

- Desktop virtualization

- Cloud services

- Business and accounting software specialists

- Cloud services

- Simon listens to Customers

- Business and accounting software specialists